Sobre nós

Sobre nós

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What i do (in my own words)

I'm in charge of making our clients look good on search results, planning search strategies, understanding people's behaviours, developing search markeketing capabilities in our clients and making sure the priority recommendations are implemented.

Oficial bio

"Willie started his career working on digital projects at HSBC before deciding to move agency-side after discovering his passion for Search Marketing.

He has now worked in search marketing for 15 years and has trained more than 500 people in the art of SEO! Willie has spoken and attended all the major search marketing conferences in Brazil (such as SMX and Search Masters Brazil) and in the US (SMX Advanced, Pubcon and SXSW) and worked with clients across multiple sectors, including HSBC, Ford, Johnson and Johnson,, The Economist and 3M.

In 2012, Willie joined i-Cherry as a partner (a specialized Search Marketing Agency part of the Mirum network) and co-led the agency for 2 years during which time it grew to more than 70 people and became one of the biggest media buyers with Google and Facebook in Latin America and won a Great Places to Work in Brazil award.

In 2014, he joined Mirum London as Head of Search Marketing to help develop the Search Marketing capabilities in Europe."

What if…

A vampire bites a zombie?

Why not

Think the exact opposite when you're 100% sure.

The last thing i made

Searched for variations of "What if" questions people make on Google.

Nosso lema

Ajudar pessoas a atingir seus objetivos, entregando a mensagem certa na hora certa de uma maneira significativa, inovadora e entendendo os momentos de quem busca.